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How Many Times a Day Should You Brush Your Teeth?

Dr. Prabh Grewal | 09/10/2022

You should brush your teeth for approximately two minutes at least twice a day. This helps to keep your dental health in good condition.


Can I Get my Wisdom Teeth Pulled While They Are Still Growing In?

Dr. Prabh Grewal | 08/21/2022

Getting wisdom teeth removal while those teeth are still growing in can help to reduce dental issues further down the road.


How Can I Prepare for Dental Sedation?

Dr. Prabh Grewal | 07/14/2022

Learn about dental sedation and how it can help ease your anxiety and fears when undergoing dental procedures or oral surgery.


How Long Are Dental Implants Made to Last?

Our Team | 06/21/2022

Find the answers to how are dental implants placed and how long they will last here. Learn if dental implant surgery in Corona, CA may be an option.


How Does A Dentist Diagnose Poor Oral Health?

Our Team | 05/20/2022

Oral pathology can help diagnose and treat conditions that result from poor oral health. Find out when you may need an oral exam here.


Four Signs It’s Time To Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

Dr. Arthur Kilkuts (Retired) | 04/16/2022

You may require wisdom tooth extraction if you have intense pain or you develop cysts in the area.


How Will I Feel After Dental Sedation?

Dr. Arthur Kilkuts (Retired) | 03/17/2022

After dental sedation, you may feel sleepy, lethargic, and even relaxed. Keep reading to find out more.


Can I Still Get Dental Implants with Bone Loss?

Dr. Arthur Kilkuts (Retired) | 02/11/2022

Dr. Prabh Grewal and Dr. Arthur Kilkuts offer dental implants to improve oral health and combat bone loss in Corona, CA.


What Happens If Wisdom Teeth Are Never Removed?

Dr. Arthur Kilkuts (Retired) | 01/30/2022

Wisdom teeth will require removal in most situations, especially if there is the potential to disrupt the rest of the mouth.


Can Poor Oral Hygiene Cause Health Issues?

Dr. Arthur Kilkuts (Retired) | 12/10/2021

Poor oral hygiene can lead to multiple health issues, ranging from infections to heart disease. It can also affect the entire body.


Can I Eat a Few Hours Before Dental Sedation?

Dr. Arthur Kilkuts (Retired) | 11/23/2021

Sedation dentistry is a helpful practice for those nervous about their dental visit, but you’ll need to pay attention to your diet beforehand.


Are Dental Implants Safe For My Overall Health?

Dr. Arthur Kilkuts (Retired) | 10/14/2021

Dental implants protect your teeth and are safe for your overall health; plus, they can add a boost to your confidence.


Is It Normal for Wisdom Teeth to Grow in After Your 20s?

Dr. Arthur Kilkuts (Retired) | 09/25/2021

If your wisdom teeth fill in after your 20s and are causing you problems, you may want to consider having them extracted.


Helpful Tips to Boost Your Oral Health

Dr. Arthur Kilkuts (Retired) | 08/21/2021

Improving your oral health can take many steps, but it is important to take these steps.


Is it Safe to Drive After Dental Sedation?

Dr. Arthur Kilkuts (Retired) | 07/15/2021

There are several safe and effective sedation options. But, patients that receive orally ingested or intravenous sedation should not drive after.


Is Your Jawbone Strong Enough For Dental Implants?

Dr. Arthur Kilkuts (Retired) | 06/24/2021

Dental implants improve your oral health by replacing missing teeth. Learn whether your jawbone is strong enough to uphold implants at our clinic.


When Do Wisdom Teeth Need to be Removed?

Dr. Arthur Kilkuts (Retired) | 05/16/2021

How to know if you need your wisdom teeth removed and helpful information on why this tooth extraction may be necessary to preserve your other teeth.


Overcome Dental Anxiety with Sedation Dentistry

Dr. Arthur Kilkuts (Retired) | 04/17/2021

How to stop fearing a visit to the dentist and ways to help you cope with dental anxiety to have a healthier smile and better overall oral health.


How are Missing Teeth Replaced by Dental Implants?

Dr. Arthur Kilkuts (Retired) | 03/24/2021

Dental implants can resolve many oral health conditions, including missing teeth, in Corona, CA.


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