Ridge preservation by board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeons Dr. Arthur Kilkuts and Dr. Prabh Grewal can help preserve the bone and gum tissue of their Norco and Eastvale, CA patients after a tooth extraction. This procedure has many benefits, including preparing the bone socket for a dental implant without the need for a graft. Additionally, it can help to maintain the original appearance of your smile after extraction. Immediately following a tooth extraction, a ridge preservation procedure is performed utilizing a specialized bone grafting material to fill in the vacant socket. The filling material can help to stimulate the regrowth of bone in the socket. If you’re needing a tooth extraction, contact Corona Oral Surgery and Implant Center in Corona, CA to find out more about ridge preservation and how it can be useful for you.


An ideal candidate for a ridge preservation procedure is anyone who needs a tooth extraction and wants to maintain the integrity of their bone and gum tissue. One of the main requirements is there be no existing infection in the bone or gum tissue. This procedure helps preserve the appearance of a patient’s smile while maintaining the integrity of the bone so, if desired, the patient will be eligible for a dental implant without needing a bone graft.


If it is necessary to perform a tooth extraction on one or more of your teeth, there are steps that must be made before the tooth can be effectively and safely replaced with a dental implant. That’s where ridge preservation performed at Corona Oral Surgery and Implant Center comes in. Provided your tooth socket and gum tissue are healthy enough to be operated on, Dr. Grewal and his team will conduct the procedure using unique bone grafting material to preserve the ridge structure.

The main benefits of ridge preservation are that it:

  • Prevents bone loss, the collapsing of bone tissue in the mouth
  • Enables the future placement of a dental implant
  • Maintains bone structure around the teeth and jaw
  • Ensures a healthy smile
  • Prevents dry tooth sockets


Ridge preservation is performed in our state-of-the-art Corona, CA office. During your consultation, Dr. Grewal or Dr. Prabh will go over your sedation options, depending on the length of your procedure and your personal needs. After your tooth is skillfully extracted to maintain the bone, we will start the ridge preservation process by filling in the vacant socket with bone grafting material. The region might then be coated with a barrier material or sutures. At first, the filling will support the healing of the surrounding tissue, and over time, the regrowth of bone will help give support to the area. We will give you recovery instructions following your procedure so you can successfully continue to heal at home. You might experience some slight pain or swelling that can be treated with over-the-counter pain medications if necessary. In the event you experience lasting pain, excessive bleeding, or a high fever, it’s important that you call our office right away. A follow-up appointment may also be necessary so we can assess your healing process or determine if you are ready to receive a dental implant.


How much does ridge preservation cost?

The exact cost of ridge preservation often varies from one person to another. For this reason, we wait to give a cost estimate until we have conducted a full assessment of your bone sockets during a consultation. At this point, we’ll have a better idea of exactly how much your treatment will likely cost.

Is ridge preservation covered by insurance?

Depending on your policy, ridge preservation may be covered by your insurance company. To know for sure, let us know your insurance company and plan so we can reach out and ensure you’re covered.

Is ridge preservation painful?

While patients will feel very little throughout the procedure itself, some discomfort is commonly felt in its aftermath. We can provide medication to help with the pain as it slowly dissipates within the next 3 – 4 days.


When a tooth extraction is performed, it’s important to protect the gum tissue and surrounding jawbone. Ridge preservation at Corona Oral Surgery and Implant Center works to protect the vacant extraction site and prevent future problems. Even more, it makes it much easier to receive an implant along with other restorations to revive the health of your mouth. To schedule a consultation with board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeons Dr. Prabh Grewal or Dr. Arthur Kilkuts, or for help figuring out if your insurance will cover part of the treatment, feel free to contact our office in Corona, CA.