Men, women, and even children may have worries when it comes to seeing the dentist. Our staff is aware of this nervous tendency and want you to be able to rest assured and relaxed when in one of our treatment chairs. In conjunction with utilizing an attentive approach to oral procedures, we proudly administer sedation dentistry for those that need a little extra help staying calm. Sedation dentistry often helps boost an individual’s relaxation, decreases fears, and encourages pleasant experiences for our Corona and Norco, CA patients. In the event that you are anxious during oral care visits, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with one of our board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeons, Dr. Arthur Kilkuts or Dr. Prabh Grewal, at Corona Oral Surgery and Implant Center to find out how sedation dentistry can let you get the care you need when it comes to your relaxation.


We understand that many people have anxiety when it comes to dentists, needles, and other aspects of dental care. Our experienced team wants to ensure that all patients are as comfortable as possible during treatment. That is why we offer sedation dentistry for qualifying individuals. Benefits include:

  • Decreased fear and anxiety: Fear can prevent you from getting the dental care you need. With sedation dentistry, you can relax and receive treatment without feeling anxious.
  • Easier appointments: When patients are more relaxed, they are less likely to move around during treatment. This can make procedures quicker and easier for everyone involved.
  • Fewer appointments: In some cases, sedation dentistry allows us to complete multiple procedures during a single appointment. This can save you time in the long run.


Fearing the dentist may be a struggle for patients at any point in life. These issues may result from memorable surgeries, needing a number of procedures, or other factors. Individuals might be anxious when receiving multiple services, from more serious dental, gum, or bone surgeries to biannual professional cleanings. For a few patients, simply the notion of seeing the dentist can cause them to be nervous. During your session at Corona Oral Surgery and Implant Center, our team will hear your worries and recommend an efficient choice of sedation that can make your road toward a lovely smile more comfortable and worry-free.


How we provide sedation dentistry at our practice will differ, depending on your degree of nervousness, the treatment, and the type of sedation that is selected. N2O gas, which is also referred to as laughing gas, creates moderate, relaxing sensations. It is distributed via a nose covering and helps you feel calm throughout your treatment. With orally administered sedative drugs, you will ingest a pill orally an hour ahead of your dental procedure, which provides you with the right dose of tranquility. Intravenous (IV) sedation is administered through the veins and gives a more advanced degree of a tranquilizer. While IV sedation makes it possible for you to remain aware, you will typically feel as though you have slept on and off through your appointment. Regional anesthesia is placed into the chosen area to provide comfort to the teeth, gumline, and nerve tissues and can be used in combination with the sedation options above. Unless you received laughing gas, you will need to plan for somebody else to take you home following your procedure.


Corona Oral Surgery and Implant Center will provide detailed post-procedure instructions — so you know how to take care of yourself after your appointment. Depending on the type of sedation you receive, you may be able to drive home or have someone pick you up and stay with you for a little while. Avoid eating or drinking until the numbness from the anesthesia wears off to avoid biting your cheek, tongue, or lip. Generally, you should feel back to normal within a few hours.


Who is a candidate for sedation dentistry?

Oral care anxieties can be a struggle to resolve for people of all ages. These problems often result from memorable visits, needing multiple procedures, or other elements. Corona and Norco, CA people could feel afraid when receiving many types of treatments, from more intense dental, gum, or bone surgeries to regular professional cleanings. For multiple patients, even the mere idea of going to the dentist leads them to be anxious. At your session at Corona Oral Surgery and Implant Center, our team will ask about your dental history and suggest an efficient method of sedation that could make your journey toward gaining a gorgeous smile simpler and worry-free.

What can I expect after oral sedation?

Prior to giving sedation dentistry at our facility, our dental team will let you know what you should anticipate following your session and give you any crucial follow-up directions. If you were given orally taken or intravenous tranquilizers, be sure to arrange for someone you trust to drive you home after your treatment. Our office advises that you rest and hydrate after undergoing sedation dentistry treatments at Corona Oral Surgery and Implant Center. You can expect to be tired and lethargic for the remainder of the day; however, these outcomes typically disappear by the next day.

Will insurance cover sedation dentistry?

The cost for sedation dentistry services can vary according to individual insurance plans and carriers. A professional from our dental team will contact your insurance provider prior to your appointment to confirm your coverage and calculate any sedation dentistry costs. At Corona Oral Surgery and Implant Center, we want all individuals to receive the treatments they need while remaining calm and worry-free. In addition, we accept various payment solutions, and our staff is more than willing to provide guidance in finding low-interest medical financing plans or further flexible payment methods.


All individuals should have the choice to acquire excellent dental care without the fear or dread of visiting the dentist. Board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeons Dr. Arthur Kilkuts and Dr. Prabh Grewal are excited to provide several types of sedation dentistry to their Norco and Eastvale, CA patients that need help having a more pleasant trip to the dental office. To find out further details on how dental treatments can become a positive and tranquil experience, get in touch with our Corona, CA team to book a sedation dentistry consultation. We can also help you discover if sedation dentistry is covered partially or in full by your dental insurance provider.