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Information About Cosmetic Dentistry Services

At Corona Oral Surgery and Implant Center, our focus is oral and maxillofacial procedures. Our talented, board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeons, Dr. Arthur Kilkuts and Dr. Prabh Grewal, focus on reconstruction of the mouth, facial trauma, oral cavity, and jaws. That means, whether you're coming in for a routine procedure, like wisdom teeth extraction or an emergency, like facial trauma, we are here for you and can help! Other common procedures we perform include dental implants, tooth extraction, bone grafting, and All-on-4® implants. We know oral surgery can be daunting so that's why we're here with a smile — and sedation dentistry, if you need it — to help you get the corrective procedures you need to get back to living your life.

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A dental implant involves inserting a screw into the jawbone, then a fixture like a crown, bridge, or denture to the screw for a seamless smile.

Wisdom tooth extraction is often performed to aid in tooth alignment and prevent overcrowding and decay in hard-to-reach spots of the mouth.

Bone grafting is used to strengthen a weak jaw so it can securely hold the dental implants that replace missing or decayed teeth for a stunning smile.

All-on-4 dental implants provide a natural look without the mess of glue, food restrictions, or the special cleaning routines of traditional dentures.

Jaw surgery is performed to correct cosmetic issues to the chin, as well as bite problems, breathing issues, jaw pain, and other functional concerns.

Sedation dentistry can help men, women, and children overcome their fear of the dentist so they can get the quality care they need while feeling safe.

Accidents and injuries happen, but skilled oral surgeons can help protect your mouth and restore aesthetic issues with maxillofacial trauma surgery.

Sores, bleeding, and difficulty chewing or swallowing can be early signs of oral cancer, which can be diagnosed and treated by a skilled oral surgeon.

TMJ therapy can be necessary if you experience clicking or cracking noises when you open and close your mouth, pain, tenderness, or a swollen jaw.

Ridge preservation prepares a bone socket for an implant without the need for a graft by filling the vacant socket with a bone grafting material.

Sinus lift surgery may be necessary to lift the sinuses when there's not enough room in the mouth for a dental implant without touching the sinuses.

A coronectomy is performed as an alternative to a wisdom tooth extraction in order to remove the crown of the tooth, leaving the roots intact.

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