Have you ever wondered why we have wisdom teeth? Education scholars believe these extra back molars were for our ancestors to eat tougher meats, roots, and vegetables. This third set of molars typically grow through the gumline when a person is around 17 – 21 years old, also known as the wisdom years. However, an extra set of molars can crowd other teeth and be difficult to keep clear of tooth decay, causing more dental problems in the future, which is why wisdom tooth removal is generally performed between the ages of 16 – 19.

At Corona Oral Surgery and Implant Center, our board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeons Dr. Prabh Grewal and Dr. Arthur Kilkuts provide wisdom tooth removal to Corona, Norco, and Eastvale, CA area patients. What are the signs wisdom teeth need to be removed? Read on to learn more from Corona Oral Surgery and Implant Center, or contact our office in Corona, CA to schedule a consultation.

What are wisdom teeth used for, and why do we have them?

Wisdom teeth are the widest, largest, and strongest teeth, and are located in the very back of the mouth. According to anthropologists, wisdom teeth, or the last set of molars, were provisions for our ancestors to help them chew coarse foods, like nuts, roots, raw meats, raw vegetables, and leaves. Clearly, wisdom teeth have outlived their primary purpose, and most individuals have them removed to avoid future dental issues. However, people who have healthy fully erupted wisdom teeth positioned correctly may not need them to be extracted.

What are the signs wisdom teeth should be removed?

Many patients wonder, do wisdom teeth have to be removed? In some cases, wisdom teeth don’t have enough room to grow in properly. They can even grow horizontally, which can cause cysts that can damage other teeth’ roots or bone support. Other dental problems that wisdom teeth can cause are:

  • Overcrowding surrounding teeth
  • Not able to be adequately cleaned, causing poor oral hygiene
  • Increasing the risk of oral infection or gum disease
  • Fully or partially impacted (trapped)

What does it mean when wisdom teeth are impacted?

When wisdom teeth are partially or fully impacted, they are trapped below the gumline. If not appropriately monitored, in some cases, wisdom teeth can grow parallel to the jawline and damage the roots on adjacent teeth. They can also shift backward and eventually interfere with patients opening and closing their jaw properly. Impacted wisdom teeth can be more prone to abscess and infection, becoming painful. The impaction can lead to the resorption of healthy teeth and possibly cause tooth decay.

Wisdom teeth removal in Corona, CA

Wisdom teeth are subject to tooth decay and can cause other oral problems for the rest of your teeth. According to the American Dental Association (ADA), wisdom teeth removal may be necessary to preserve surrounding healthy teeth and to have proper oral hygiene. There are benefits to wisdom teeth removal in Corona, Norco, and Eastvale, CA. At Corona Oral Surgery and Implant Center, Dr. Prabh Grewal and Dr. Arthur Kilkuts will examine your wisdom teeth area, take x-rays, and determine if you are a candidate for this tooth extraction. To schedule a consultation, contact our Corona, CA office today.

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