The last two teeth in your mouth that generally show up in the late teen years are called wisdom teeth. Located in the back regions of both arches, wisdom teeth (also known as third molars) typically don’t have enough space to fully emerge, are difficult to keep free of debris, and may need to be removed to preserve the general dental health of your mouth. These teeth might be impacted (stuck inside the gum tissues or bone), misaligned, or unable to emerge evenly, causing a variety of oral conditions. Board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeons Dr. Arthur Kilkuts and Dr. Prabh Grewal conduct wisdom teeth extractions for Corona, Eastvale, and Norco, CA teens and adults to increase oral wellness and protect against malocclusion and decay. If you or someone in your family has problematic or impacted wisdom teeth, schedule an appointment at Corona Oral Surgery and Implant Center to discover your care options.


Wisdom tooth extractions performed by Dr. Kilkuts and Dr. Grewal have a number of aesthetic and functional benefits to your overall oral health, including:

  • Reducing pain, pressure, and sensitivity
  • Preventing tooth crowding, shifting, and misalignment
  • Avoiding damage to nearby teeth
  • Improving oral health and reducing periodontal disease risks
  • Preventing infection and inflammation


Commonly, third molar extractions occur for people between the ages of 17 – 25. Not all wisdom teeth will conclusively necessitate removal, though keeping ill-fitting wisdom teeth in the mouth could cause further possible dental concerns in the future. Dr. Grewal will often suggest wisdom teeth extraction for people who have:

  • Totally or partially impacted wisdom teeth beneath the gumline or jaw
  • Improper room to accommodate problem-free wisdom tooth eruption
  • Tightly spaced teeth
  • The development of a growth in the jaw
  • Gum redness, facial puffiness, or jaw joint discomfort
  • Deterioration of the wisdom teeth or those who have trouble ensuring that the wisdom teeth are hygienic


Are wisdom teeth extractions covered by insurance?

Dental procedures, like tooth removals, could be partially paid for by specific dental insurance plans. Despite this, oral-conscious or IV sedation offerings may not be paid for. Our financial coordinator will go over your insurance plan and tell you about any anticipated personal costs prior to your procedure. Corona Oral Surgery and Implant Center takes several types of dental financing, as well as an impressive array of payment options.

How many wisdom teeth should be removed?

The exact number of wisdom teeth that are necessary for removal can vary, depending on the state of the patient’s wisdom teeth. Though all four wisdom teeth can be removed at once, it is usually only deemed necessary to remove the wisdom teeth that have become impacted.

How long does it take to recover from wisdom teeth extraction?

While most patients are able to return to work the day after the surgery, there will be many diet and behavioral restrictions for the next few days and weeks. We’ll walk you through all of your aftercare instructions after your procedure as it’s incredibly important to keep the wounds healthy and clean in order to allow them to properly heal.


Most typically, wisdom teeth extractions are recommended for those in high school or college, or who are experiencing pain, swollen jaws, tender or bleeding gums, and more. Corona Oral Surgery and Implant Center conducts wisdom teeth removals with you under local anesthesia; however, sedation is available to maximize comfort if necessary. Most cases of wisdom teeth extraction require a surgical approach. One of our skilled oral surgeons will make an incision in the gum tissues to get to the tooth where the tooth may be divided into a few segments for easier removal. Stitches may be placed to protect the removal regions and help with healing. Following your appointment, it’s essential to restrict spitting, drinking with a straw, consuming high- or low-temperature foods and liquids, and to completely stop smoking and using e-cigs for the first several days after your appointment. It is not uncommon to notice cheek swelling and pain after wisdom teeth extractions, which might be diminished with a prescription or over-the-counter pain medication and cold packs applied against the jaw area. Our dental professionals will give you instructions on how to take care of your mouth at home and set up a follow-up visit to monitor your recovery.


Board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeons Dr. Prabh Grewal and Dr. Arthur Kilkuts are pleased to offer wisdom tooth extraction to safeguard the long-term comfort of your family’s mouths. This effective dental procedure is frequently done for teens and young adults and could be needed in the event that you experience issues while your wisdom teeth come in or after. For more information about wisdom tooth extraction, reach out for a consultation at Corona Oral Surgery and Implant Center as soon as you can.